Why should your brand be working with gaming influencers?

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Did you know that the gaming industry is worth more than the film and music industry combined?

If your brand hasn’t taken the leap into the gaming world, allow us to explain why you should be working with gaming influencers.

Definition: Gaming influencer - a content creator, who predominantly uses video platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok to build up a loyal following.

When it comes to working with influencers, we understand that gaming isn’t the first or obvious choice. People tend to overlook gamers. But gamers are everywhere and they’re fiercely loyal to their favorite brands. So why would you not be putting your brand in front of them?

Many brands, who you wouldn’t traditionally associate with gaming, have broken into the space. When your brand is working with the right gaming influencer, the synergy can be unmatched. Gaming creators have some of the most diverse and engaged communities - and brands should be utilizing this.

The biggest gaming stream platform is Twitch, which currently has 31 million daily active users. This number is made up predominantly of Gen Z and Millenials who are incredibly switched on when it comes to the digital world - especially digital advertising. They don’t respond well to disruptive ads which can make them a difficult audience to get in front of - which is where gaming influencers stand out from other influencers.

How do you know which gaming influencer is the right one?

When choosing a gaming influencer to work with, there are a number of factors your brand needs to consider.

The biggest mistake most brands make is to book the largest creators in the space. The mega stars of the industry come with an expensive price tag. They also tend to scale the worst. In most cases, the larger the creator, the less engaged their audience (viewer for viewer). With poor engagement levels, you’ll never hit your campaign KPIs.

Size is still important though. It’s also highly dependent on your campaign budget. Are you coming to market with $1M to spend or $10,000? For larger budgets, you’ll need a mix of creators, both small and larger.

You need to make sure you book creators in the right niche. Does your brand produce family-friendly products? Then you probably don’t want creators in the FPS (first person shooter) space. What’s great about gaming is there is a creator and niche for every brand.

High brand affinity is key! If creators genuinely vibe with your brand, you’ll see much greater results when it’s time to evaluate post-campaign results. If a creator wouldn’t use your product in their everyday life, they won’t likely be a strong ambassador for your brand.

This seems like the appropriate time to throw in that this is where GG Talent Group comes in. We know our larger roster of gaming content creators inside out, from their gaming expertise to their personal interests and audience. We understand them more than anyone else, and exactly how they would fit into your next influencer marketing campaign.

How can you work with them?

Now you’ve found the right gaming talent, it’s time to understand the different ways you can work with them.

The first thing to point out is that content creators are creative people, so the only limit is your own imagination. A few options include:

  • Product placement
  • We don’t need to explain to you what that means, but it’s important to keep it subtle. Gaming audiences are loyal due to the honesty and transparency of the creators they watch. If they see their favorite streamers drinking a certain drink or using a certain product - the chances are, they are going to want to try it.
  • Giveaways
  • Product giveaways are a hit, especially on Twitch live streams. Creators love it because they get to give something back to their audience. The viewers love it because, well, they love free stuff! It’s a low-cost engagement boost to any campaign.
  • Dedicated content
  • The name is kind of a giveaway, but this is an in-stream content dedicated to your brand. It isn’t seen as a straight-forward ad and is the perfect way to reach Gen Z and Millenials, who are switched on when it comes to digital advertising. It’s also a way to get around any ad blockers they may have in place.
  • The creator will talk through the pros and cons of your product, how to use it, where to buy it and so much more.
  • Experiences
  • Gaming influencers are naturals at experiential marketing. The options are limitless, ranging from online tournaments, in-person festivals, creative pop-up shops, and much more.

We know there is a lot to consider when breaking into the gaming industry and working with gaming influencers, but we’re here to help. We have worked with hundreds of brands across thousands of influencer marketing campaigns.

Booking the perfect gaming influencers for your brand, at scale, requires industry expertise and connections to a diverse range of content creators. We forge partnerships between brands and content creators with a focus on high quality campaigns.

Whether you already have mapped out your entire campaign or you need help with your first livestream promotion, drop us an email, info@ggtalentgroup.com or head to our website www.ggtalentgroup.com  to find out more.

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