Why should brands be using Twitch in their marketing strategy?

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Brands can sometimes look at Twitch and think it’s just a gaming streaming platform, automatically disregarding it when it comes to marketing campaigns.

But we’re here to set the record straight.

At the time this article was written, at 8am (CDT) on Monday 27th March 2023, the below was happening on Twitch according to streamscharts.com

There were over 1.8 million viewers on the platform watching over 61k channels.

On Twitch as a whole, there are over 15 million streamers covering many different industries, so there will no doubt be ones who suit your brand and message perfectly.

Why does Twitch stand out from other platforms?

Aside from its high stats, the reason Twitch stands out is simple.

1. The audience

Did you know that Twitch followers are the most loyal across any social media platform?

They live and breathe Twitch and more often than not, it’s not just a hobby for them - it’s a lifestyle.

Daily, Twitch has more than 31 million users who spend around 95 minutes on the platform. All other streaming platforms don’t stand a chance, with Twitch taking up 72% of all the hours watched on the internet.

Despite these high numbers, streamers prefer to use Twitch due to the tight knit community it creates.

2. The streamers

Originally launched as a gaming streaming platform, the number of streamers now focusing on other areas such as music, creative and lifestyle has significantly increased.

Twitch streamers create a personal connection with their audience, with streams lasting 3-4 hours on average. This is a connection you won’t see from one Instagram post and one TikTok. They have direct and real-time interaction with their viewers.

Twitch influencer marketing x your brand

First of all, it’s important to note that you don’t need to be a gaming brand to use Twitch in your marketing strategy. The platform has been used by the likes of Kellogg’s, UberEats and Nike.

Creating a partnership with Twitch content creators is the most effective way to get your brand in front of their audience. The main factors you need to remember when choosing which streamers to work with are genre, audience, numbers, language and viewer sentiment.

There is a lot to consider, but working with a talent management agency, like GG Talent, will make sure you are choosing the right creators for your brand and messaging.

Your chosen streamer/s can promote your brand during a live stream which can include shout outs, unboxing and giveaways.  But there really is no stopping you from thinking outside the box to make sure your promotions are conveyed in the best way for your audience - don’t be limited by your imagination.

So if you think that Twitch is just a platform where people stream games, which has nothing to do with you or your brand, then you need to ditch that mindset. Twitch is so much more than that and can effectively get your brand in front of the right people in the right way - trust us.

If you want to know more - get in touch for a free consultation on how to get your brand on Twitch.

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