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In May 2023, Statista reported a remarkable figure of 7.25 million active streamers on Twitch, signifying the exponential growth of the gaming and content creator sectors. This surge in popularity has made pursuing a career in these industries highly desirable for many.

So, with that in mind we want to emphasize the importance of transparency in our scouting process for Twitch streamers and YouTubers to join our roster. 

Various factors play a crucial role in our selection process, including our team's capacity, overhead and industry economics, alignment with our content style, and meeting specific size and location requirements. 

So, what are our considerations when adding to our roster?


There is no shying away from the fact there is a lot of toxicity in this industry and we simply don’t tolerate it. In fact, we’ve declined to represent creators that would generate big revenue for us because they don’t fit our values. It’s that simple. 


Our highest performing areas consist of RPGs, action/adventure, strategy, and platformer games. These genres have consistently delivered great results for us.

While we are interested in MMO creators, we have specific criteria for selecting them due to industry dynamics and sponsorship opportunities. We prioritize exceptional talent in this category to ensure mutual success.

Variety streamers form the core of our operations and tend to earn the most in the industry. We also focus on variety YouTubers and any YouTubers who align with the mentioned genres, as they hold strong potential for growth.

The reason behind this focus is simple: these creators excel when it comes to attracting sponsors. We believe in setting our creators up for success. There's nothing worse than onboarding a creator that you can't help get sponsors. We've done it in the past and won't do it again.


This is a short one - we primarily focus on the US, Canada, UK, and Nordics. 


While we would love to expand our roster and include streamers who fall below our viewership thresholds, the reality is it’s not financially or operationally feasible.

To give you an idea of our targeted minimum metrics for signing new creators, here are the requirements we currently have in place:

  • Twitch and/or YouTube focus (ideally both)
  • Twitch CCV: 1k+
  • YouTube Average Video Views (30-days): 110k+.

Are there any exceptions to the above?

We make two exceptions regarding the above viewership thresholds. The first exception applies to talented individuals who demonstrate a strong potential to meet and exceed our minimum requirements. We recognize their exceptional abilities and are willing to provide opportunities for growth.

The second exception is for creators from underrepresented communities, including POC and female creators, who may face inherent bias within the industry. We understand that systemic barriers can make it challenging for these creators to reach the established minimums. In our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we actively seek to support and uplift POC and female creators.

As a result, our roster boasts one of the most diverse collections of creators. We take pride in fostering an inclusive environment where diverse voices are celebrated and supported.

While we primarily focus on creators who meet our viewership thresholds, we do have exceptions on our roster. These creators may not meet the specific metrics we typically require, but they possess unique qualities or bring something extraordinary to the table. 

In some cases, it's simply a matter of how much we love them. We believe in recognizing and valuing exceptional talent and the qualities that make creators special, even if they don't meet our minimum thresholds.

And finally…

To all content creators who would love to work with us but have not yet reached the required engagement levels, we want you to know that we genuinely appreciate your interest.

However, we must be transparent about our limitations in providing support and opportunities to creators at lower engagement levels on their platforms. We know that sharing these requirements may raise concerns and backlash but here at GG Talent Group, our foremost priority is always your best interests. 

We strive to make informed decisions that align with your long-term success and ensure that we can provide the necessary resources and support to foster growth. While we may not be able to sign every creator who falls below the thresholds, we appreciate your passion, and we encourage you to continue to do what you’re doing and build your audience. 

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