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Do you disregard an influencer straight away if they don’t have 1M+ followers? 

Do you think that working with an influencer with a large following will generate higher ROI?

Well, it’s time for us to put those assumptions to bed and show you why follower counts mean very little for your brand’s KPIs. You probably already know that a large following doesn’t mean large engagement, but did you know the size of influencers you book has an impact on your campaign in other ways?

Every creator, regardless of their follower count, possesses USPs that distinguish them in the vast landscape of social media. From mega influencers to micro influencers, each has cultivated a distinct identity and forged connections within their communities. These communities are not mere numbers; they are vibrant ecosystems of individuals who choose to follow a creator for specific and varied reasons. It could be a shared passion, a common interest, or simply the authentic and relatable content that resonates with their values. 

Collaborating with influencers, big or small, demands a thoughtful approach to align your brand with a creator whose values and content seamlessly integrate with your message. 

Choosing the right influencer isn't just about their follower count; it's about understanding their community, the trust they've built, and the genuine connection they share. In essence, the key to successful brand partnerships lies in recognizing and leveraging the unique qualities of each influencer, ensuring that the collaboration feels natural and resonates authentically with their audience.


Before we get into the ins-and-outs of whether a mega or micro influencer is best for your campaign, we wanted to make sure that everyone was clear on what each of them are: 

  • Micro influencers have a following typically between 10k-100k
  • Macro influencers have a following typically between 100K-1M
  • Mega influencers (sometimes referred to as “Hero” creators), command followings in the millions

Sometimes, brand marketers will automatically look at the millions of followers that mega influencers have and think they are the best choice for their campaigns. But allow us to explain why this may not be the case….


When it comes to choosing an influencer to work with, brands often aim to secure influencers with a large following believing it leads to higher engagement and ROI. However, their “ideal list” isn’t always the best way to go for their budget or achieving their business goals. In fact, engagement levels, that is the measure of how an influencer’s followers actually engage with sponsored content, is MUCH lower than that of smaller influencers.

By contrast, micro influencers often focus on more niche topics and because of this they have a very loyal community. The smaller following  means they are able to engage and interact with their audience, creating a more personal bond. Consumers can tell when influencers are being “fake” but this isn’t something to worry about when working with micro influencers as they tend to only support products they believe in and use.

The niche topics they focus on are topics they are interested in. They are authentic, credible and build trust amongst their audience leading to a dedicated fanbase and in turn, higher engagement rates. 

When it comes to mega influencers, it goes without saying that they can give your brand high exposure. However, their audience is broad - which can lead to a decrease in engagement.

But as we pride ourselves on being experts in this field, you’re probably wondering what our recommendations would be and it’s simple - if you don’t need celebrity status on your campaign, you shouldn’t pay the premium. 

Since mega influencers receive so many brand deals, they tend to care less about them. They are higher in demand and therefore less likely to pay attention to one brand. Nearly as soon as they have scheduled that sponsored post for you, they’re already onto the next one.

Unlike mega influencers who have a more transactional approach to brand partnerships, micro and macro influencers genuinely care about the products and services they promote. This connection translates into more impactful and relatable brand endorsements, creating a ripple effect of genuine enthusiasm that extends beyond the initial collaboration.

In essence, the emphasis on personal connection and sincerity makes micro and macro influencers an ideal choice for brands looking to forge authentic and lasting relationships with their target market. 

You wouldn’t put your entire investment portfolio in one stock, would you? Don’t do the same with your brand’s influencer marketing budget! If you have a larger campaign, spread that budget among a diversified group of both micro and macro influencers. Working with the right talent agency, you can access dozens of creators in your niche, and at scale!

Don’t make your competitors’ mistake waste time and valuable marketing budget on high-cost, low-return influencer marketing. 


The type of influencer your brand should work with is parallel to your business goals. If you want to reach a large audience for maximum brand visibility - mega it is. But if you want trust and authentic engagement then you need to be taking note of micro and macro creators.

Just remember, a large following doesn’t always mean a large ROI. Spending money on the biggest person that comes to mind isn’t always the best fit but luckily pairing the right gaming talent with the right brands is something we excel at here at GG Talent Group.

We have a robust gaming roster and are proud to work with a diverse mix of content creators. Get in touch with us to find out how we could assist with your next influencer campaign!

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