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The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing and it’s undeniable that gaming influencers are a potent force when it comes to promoting brands, products and games to their loyal audiences.

However, it’s not a case of “one-size fits all” and the creator discovery process is crucial to the success of your campaign. Identifying and partnering with the right content creators is key when it comes to connecting your brand with their audience and ensuring campaign success.

Check out our tips below to hit your campaign’s KPIs and avoid making your next influencer activation a total flop!


This has to be completed at the very start. Before you try to source any gaming influencers, you need to define what you want to get out of the partnership. What is the main purpose of your campaign? Is it brand awareness, website traffic or the promotion of a specific product? Defining this at the start will ensure your collaboration is a success.


Understanding who your target audience is is vital to the influencers you choose. Gaming influencers have a very loyal community so you need to be sure which one of those communities you want to tap into. What are the demographics, interests and preferences of your customers?

Bear in mind that sometimes a creator is perfect for your brand, but their audience might not be. You need alignment on both fronts.


Gaming influencers have a loyal community who will see straight through any inauthenticity. If the creator is promoting something that doesn’t align with their usual content/values it’s game over.  Authenticity builds trust, which is essential for your brand's credibility.

Thankfully, most content creators, especially in the gaming industry, are unwilling to promote products that they don’t align with. Be careful of those content creator “mercenaries” though. They might promote your product, but their audience probably won’t deliver what you were expecting!


It goes without saying that high-quality contact attracts more engaged viewers. And engagement is what you’re after! If you jump into a Twitch chat that has very little activity, or only discussions around game mechanics, you’re not looking at a gaming influencer that is going to sell your products, particularly if they’re nonendemic to gaming.


Make sure outreach is meaningful, whether that’s through them directly or by using their talent agency who knows them inside out. Remember, they aren’t just part of your marketing strategy but people who have used their personality and passion to grow a community - make sure you talk to them like this and not use overly “corporate” style messaging. Young content creators are particularly distrustful of “corpo,” (as GenZ puts it) language and brands.


See if the creators you’re booking have done any sponsored work BEFORE engaging with them. For Twitch streamers and gaming YouTubers, a simple check on Twitter for those #ads will suffice. 

Previously sponsored creators have more experience and are more likely to deliver what you’re looking for. Rookies often fumble campaign integrations, have poor communication and are less likely to have a talent manager that handles these things.


Be clear and make sure your brand and influencers have a mutual understanding - this is crucial for a successful partnership. Content creators need to know the scope of work, content requirements, posting schedules and compensation terms. Define these from the beginning to avoid any surprises!


Like with everything, when things are underway, keep an eye on it. Monitor it closely to track performance. Use analytics tools, gather feedback from the creator and make adjustments where necessary to optimize future collabs. 


Don’t have internal resources to handle aspects of your gaming influencer campaigns? Picking an experienced agency that has solid relationships with the right content creators makes a huge difference. Most brands have very small resources dedicated to influencer campaigns. 

A good agency can make all the difference in your campaign results and even lower your operating budget costs!

To conclude…

Gaming influencers offer a unique opportunity to connect with highly engaged audiences - as long as you choose the right ones. Define your objectives and target audience, evaluate authenticity and content and set clear expectations.  

This situation may be a bit too much to handle, if you don’t have an internal team so consider exploring collaboration with an agency that maintains robust connections with their talent. They possess a deep understanding of both the creators and their audience.

With the right gaming influencer, you can tap into their community and elevate your brand!

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