Official Rules


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be a resident of the United States, Canada, the European Union, or the United Kingdom
  • Run must be streamed on Twitch or uploaded to YouTube unedited starting from character creation screen
  • Run must be played on PC. This is due to the differences in loading times and performance across platforms resulting in inconsistent in-game times.

Submit runs here:

Prize Pool

The prize pool of $5,000 USD will be divided among the top three scoring participants as follows:

Bounty Rules

The bounty period will run from November 22 to December 13, 2023. The objective is to create a new character and complete the game as fast as possible while taking as few hits as possible within the ruleset below. All starting classes (including unlockable classes) and endings are allowed. Run submissions must be played on the current patch as of the date of the submitted run. 

Hit count is the primary evaluation criteria. In the event of a tie in hit count, the winner will be the competitor with the lower in-game time.

Definition of “Hit”

A hit is defined as an enemy-induced stagger or loss of health.

The following are also considered a hit:
- Damage due to a player-triggered trap
- Using a shield or weapon to block a hit (with the exception of a perfect parry)
- A death due to fall damage
- A proc of enemy-caused status effect build up that causes damage and doesn’t fit any other hit criteria

The following are NOT considered a hit:
- Fall damage that does not result in the player character’s death
- Damage from the environment, unless the environmental hazard was placed there by an enemy or boss
- Status effect build up caused by an enemy unless it procs and causes damage
- Status effect build up from the environment, even if it procs
- Wither as a result of an enemy attack that doesn’t stagger the player character (such as wither build-up from a perfect parry)

Banned Tech / Items & PC Requirements

The following throwables are banned:
- Corrupted Banner Javelin
- Enhanced Cursed Effigy
- Enhanced Forceburst Parchment
- Enhanced GrenadeEnhanced Holy Grenade
- Enhanced Lump Hammer
- Enhanced Radiantburst Parchment

Umbral Eye of Loash is banned.

Any techniques involving out-of-bounds, bypassing otherwise intended boss fights for the player’s chosen ending, or utilizing environmental geometry to manipulate the player character’s position data (sometimes referred to in the community as “gigarolls”) are banned. Parkour-type tech is permitted as long as the player character remains in-bounds.

Quit-outs are banned with the exception of use for NPC quest progression.

Intentional freezing of enemy or boss AI is not permitted.

Maximum frame rate must be set to 120fps or lower using the in-game frame rate limit.